Grow your own chocolate


Imagine being able to share chocolate made from your own adopted Australian cocoa tree!


The ultimate indulgence that not only makes you feel good, but also supports Australian farmers and their families who are pioneering cocoa growing in Australia.


How chocolate is made


Chocolate is made from fruit.  In fact, chocolate is made from dried, fermented seeds of the cocoa tree.


About 30 seeds or beans grow inside each cocoa pod like the one to the left. The pods take about 5 months to grow.  When they are ripe, they change from green into a range of colours from purple and brown, through to bright yellow, orange and red.


Ripe cocoa pods are picked by hand, split open and the seeds removed.  The seeds are then fermented for a few days before being laid out to dry in the sun.  The dried cocoa beans weight approximately a tenth of the harvested pod weight.

Dried cocoa beans are then roasted, and crushed and mixed for several days with sugar to make dark chocolate, or sugar and milk to make milk chocolate.


As the fresh chocolate mixture cools, the natural wholesome fats from the cocoa beans crystalise and harden to create the chocolate bar we recognise.


Click the blue button to download a PDF document that explains every step of the journey Daintree Estates Australian grown chocolate takes from plantation-to-plate.