Grow your own chocolate


Imagine being able to share chocolate made from your own adopted Australian cocoa tree!


The ultimate indulgence that not only makes you feel good, but also supports Australian farmers and their families who are pioneering cocoa growing in Australia.


All about cocoa


Cocoa is the principal ingredient in chocolate.  But it wasn't always used to make chocolate.  In fact, chocolate as we know it was first invented ​only 200 years ago!  Prior to this, cocoa was consumed as a drink.


Cocoa originated in the Amazonian and central American rainforests.  Cocoa beans are the seeds of the 'theobroma cacao' tree.  Theobroma cacao literally means 'food of the gods'. 


Cocoa was an important part of Aztec and Mayan cultures where the beans were used as a currency, and also converted into a ceremonial bitter and spicy drink called xocolatl.


Cocoa is a tropical fruit which only grows within about 15 north or south of the equator. The majority of cocoa is grown today in West Africa, South America and South-East Asia.  Commercial cocoa growing commenced in Australia in 2007.