Imagine freshly made chocolate from your very own adopted

Australian chocolate tree

Adopt your own chocolate tree

How does the program work?


All of our cocoa trees are grown in Far North Queensland by Australian farmers.


Choose from several sponsorship levels, and you will get the following:


  • A certificate confirming your tree adoption

  • A photograph of your adopted tree

  • Periodic updates and photos on the progress of your tree

  • The farmer's personal story

  • Your choice of milk and/or dark chocolate bars specially made with cocoa from adopted trees

  • Discount code for online chocolate purchases from Daintree Estates

Ripe cocoa pod
in Queensland
What's in it for me?


Australian farmers need your help.  By adopting a cocoa tree in Far North Queensland, you will:

  • Know you're contributing meaningfully to Australia's newest industry

  • Be proudly supporting Australian cocoa farmers plant more cocoa

  • Be supporting Australian origin chocolate, along with the families and communities that depend on it

  • Be helping Australia emerge as a world player in the exciting field of cocoa and chocolate production

Celebrate Australian chocolate


Chocolate made from Daintree Estates cocoa plantations has already gained international recognition as equal to some of the best quality chocolates from around the world.


Indulge in Australian's own ethically grown chocolate guilt-free knowing you are supporting a sustainable and environmentally conscious product.